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June 29th, 2021

New website for Sparta (bikes)

The new spartabikes.com has been launched!

Just like raleigh.co.uk and lapierrebikes.com, it's built with the in-house developed platform that we call 'Accession'. That's a fully headless platform which uses Storyblok for (headless) content managent, Shopware for (headless) e-commerce and Algolia for (headless) merchandising. It's using a Jamstack architecture with React and Gatsby.

The content, UX, UI and frontend components (maintained in Storybook and 'tweakable' via design tokens, using Amazon's Style Dictionary) are firmly rooted in the Object-Oriented UX philosophy, which enables us to design at scale, with great speed.

I'm proud of this third baby (the first and second were raleigh.co.uk and lapierrebikes.com) we delivered with the team!

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