UX research

Research-wise I do

  • AB-testing
  • Analytics analyses
  • Benchmarking
  • Customer journey mapping
  • On-site feedback gathering/ surveys
  • Persona creation
  • Session recording analyses
  • Taxonomy research (online and offline card sorting)
  • Usability testing ('in-stores guerilla-usability-testing')

UX research, for me, is about...

  • doing user-research, in order to discover and understand the wishes, needs, expectations, goals and behaviors of the people that are (going to be) the users of your digital product...
  • ...to be able to design the digital product being used and (thus) the experience people have, while using it...
  • ...in order to make it as easy/ enjoyable as possible for the people using the products, to reach the goal they had in mind when they started to use the product


And always looking for new ones, of course :-)


Roughly, there are two ways I do UX research:

  1. There's a business-need or a user-issue that 'suddenly turns up' (e.g. via stakeholders)
  2. Ongoing research, scanning the data in the tools mentioned above, looking for things that may be user-issues or business-opportunities

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