Hi there!

I'm a UX designer & researcher with a focus on website- and app-optimization. I like to call it: UX optimization.

My goal is to make useful, usable digital products, that look good. In close collaboration with product owners and taking into account the business strategy and brand identity.

I work for debijenkorf.nl (a Dutch luxury warehouse). Living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

And this is what I look like:

Kamil van Buuren - UX designer and researcher

(All credits for the photo go to my cousin, photographer, cameraman and steadicam operator: Erwan van Buuren.)

What's this site?

This is where I will gather some of my UX design work and UX research activities, that I think are worth sharing.

This is also where I will write blogs. For example about a question a lot of people have: What is UX?

And there's also a story about how I got where I am now.

Redesigning the checkout @ debijenkorf.nl

It was with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation by the Amsterdam UX meetup group, to tell the story about redesigning the checkout at debijenkorf.nl on October 4th, 2017. And many thanks to Adyen, for hosting the evening.

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UX optimization

UX design and research - UX optimization

Ordering tickets online

A hilarious sketch by Michael Mcintyre on an online user experience when booking tickets. It illustrates common UX issues in a very funny way :-)