Hi there!

I'm a UX designer & researcher with a focus on website- and app-optimization. I like to call it: UX optimization.

My goal is to make useful, usable digital products, that look good. In close collaboration with product owners and taking into account the business strategy and brand identity.

I work for debijenkorf.nl (a Dutch luxury warehouse). Living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

And this is what I look like:

Kamil van Buuren - UX designer and researcher

(All credits for the photo go to my cousin, photographer, cameraman and steadicam operator: Erwan van Buuren.)

What's this site?

This is where I will gather some of my UX design work and UX research activities, that I think are worth sharing.

This is also where I will write blogs. For example about a question a lot of people have: What is UX?

And there's also a story about how I got where I am now.

Good news!

Google ranks debijenkorf.nl 9th in Europe for mobile UX!

And that's a huge compliment for a UX-er working on debijenkorf.nl :-)

Read more at Mastering Mobile at the EMEA Performance Summit.

UX optimization

UX design and research - UX optimization

Ordering tickets online

A hilarious sketch by Michael Mcintyre on an online user experience when booking tickets. It illustrates common UX issues in a very funny way :-)